Clutch time!

Funny how when restored, everyone is trying to make appearance perfect. But the factory was just trying to get protection/coverage on all of it easiest way possible

Yup most cars are over restored. Engines too... I do understand it but those cars were just not that perfect.

I do like Graveyard cars, even though i'm really not a Mopar guy, but it is fascinating and there are so many little things that they show and talk about ton that show, I wish there was Graveyard cars for Fords...

When people are paying that kind of money i guess you cant let cars out with runs and misaligned stripes and ill fitting panels, but that would be more "correct" in all likely hood...

Anyway I digress... I'm looking forward to this truck...
Forgot to update this.

I finished this right around Christmas time. Cam broken in, driven about 50 miles. So far, never ran better. Smooth and quiet. Looking forward to getting some clean roads to put some real miles on it. Hopefully good for another 50 years!


looks great! So the real question every BITOGer needs to know is what brand and grade oil are you running? 😇
Thank you for sharing your story! I had a 1979 Dodge W150 318 with an automatic transmission. I wanted to do exactly what you did with your truck. I had everything done on my truck except for an engine refresh and body paint. The entire running gear was refreshed otherwise.

I wish I had never sold the truck. I would buy my old truck back in a nanosecond given the opportunity..