clunk clunk clunk when braking

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey

On my raleigh M50 commuter bike, I have rim brakes. They work well enough, but I get a clunk clunk clunk on the front wheel (which I use for most braking). The wheels are both true, however the mating point where the rim comes back together with itself is not completely flat. It catches the brake pad a tad, and makes the clunk.

My road bike (trek 1200) doesnt have this issue. My mountainbike (easton ultralite frame custom) has mavic rims which seem awful strong, and disc brakes, so no issues.

How do I deal with this? Sandpaper? Id hate to compromise the integrity of the rim. It isnt anything but an annoyance, and maybe some day Ill replace at least the front rim... Im sure theyre pretty cheap, the M50 was my first non huffy bike, and I got it because it was at the price point here you got the better frame, but just has deore components... If there is a half decent solution to put off replacing rims, Id love to hear it.


Get softer brake pads ,may help.or remove tire put rim back in bike ,flip over with wheel up,get a dremel moto tool ,and very carefully machine the splice till smooth,then use fine emery cloth and smooth out. providing the rims are true in runout.BL
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