Click and Clack say it's all the same...

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May 31, 2002
St. Charles County, Missouri
This week's show isn't on their web site yet, so I can't link.

A lady was driving a friend's car across the country-- every state I think. The friend's only stipulation was that she do oil changes with Mobil 1. The caller had trouble finding Mobil 1.

Tom and Ray's comment was that there were other synthetics out there, they thought Castrol made one, and to just go ahead and use that, no one would know the difference!
Well that is why Click and Clack are morons.

First off if you had a friend so generous that they let you drive their car cross country then the least you could do is honor their one small request.

Second how can you not find Mobil 1 anywhere? Has this woman never heard of Wal-Mart?

Lastly saying "they'll never know the difference anyways" just shows the lack integrity of integrity those two posess.
well, its about 3000-4000 miles from coast to coast, she's going to be doing more than 10k if she wants to visit EVERY state.

Oil change(s) sounds about right, especially if she goes through the desert mountain passes.
I believe that the young lady was looking for a Quick Lube to do the change and that could be difficult to locate. Yea, they even felt that Syntec was synthetic, obviously not up on lubrication but then again, in the long run it won't make any difference.
Cute show, sometimes good advice. Knowledge of lubricants = 0.

I like NPR news even though I am a little too conservative for its social programing.
Not open for further replies.