Clementines- get 'em before they're all gone!

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May 27, 2002
Far North East Texas
Clementines- not as in,"Oh, My Darling...", but as in small orange/tangerine, or mandarin orange. Small, seedless, easily peeled by hand, sections separate with no trouble, delicious- now here's something from California worth buying! Snack on 'em guilt-free, what could be better for you than fresh oranges? thumbsup Even Lurch oughta approve of these. wink2 Check your local grocery/supermarket. They're seasonal and the clock is ticking- don't miss 'em or you'll have to wait until late next fall. I really love these things- reminds me of one year long ago when Dad brought home a big sackful of peanuts in the hull, plus a crate of Clementines. Every time we went hunting that year, our coat pockets were stuffed with parched peanuts(oven-roasted in the shell) & those tasty little oranges. Good memories. Think I'll go get another one! grin
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Thanks for the heads up.... I usually buy mine from the local FFA chapter when they have their fruit sales
Some are delicious. Others taste like cardboard, despite looking beautiful on the outside. You never know which crate will end up being good...
I love Clementines and I buy them at the local grocery store and Wal-Mart. They are $4.00 a bag here. The only problem is I can not eat just one. So far the ones I have bought have very sweet. I agree with Stuart get some now because they will not be around long.
I once got some Clementines that were cross-beeded with lemons, very tart and sweet at the same time, with nipple on one end like lemons. Wish I could find them again, don't know what they're called.
Get the ones from California thumbsup Avoid the ones from Central America as those are not sweet.
Well, the ones I picked up last time didn't even say where they came from. They just had little stickers that said "Happy Juicydays" on them. But most of them were far from juicy...
i find the quality of ALL citrus bought in stores have radically declined in the last 10 years. i remember getting them as a kid, but now, they are ALWAYS dry, flavourless, or with off tastes. we have an orange tree in the back. the oranges are out of this world, positively *orgasmically* good. but no citrus from stores for me...
I bought some about a month ago, they were from Spain. They weren't very good. Got some last week from Israel. They were great.
No Navels? Those are my favorite. I grew up in the heart of California's citrus region so I only buy California citrus. Specifically Central Valley citrus if I can.
some of the best orange's i've had are imported from california. it is only 3 -5 days away in reality between california and our east coast.
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No Navels? Those are my favorite. I grew up in the heart of California's citrus region so I only buy California citrus. Specifically Central Valley citrus if I can.
The Kona orange is grafted from a lemon base tree. Didn't have enough space so I opt that option. Tree is sort of stunted but produces enough oranges. Space was limited.
Our Kroger stores seem to alternate clementines between "Bagu" brand (Spain) and "Cuties" (California). Very seldom do I ever get a bad Bagu. OTOH, Cuties are not as consistent-have had both good and not-so-good (sometimes no/few seeds, sometimes many seeds...sometimes sweet/sometimes bland). Currently getting Bagu at $5/5 lbs.
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