Cleaning whitewall tires?

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May 7, 2004
Elmhurst Illinois
I have a pair of old goodyear all weather whitewall tires that go to a 1950 schwinn bike i have. I cleaned the whitewalls with westleys bleache wite and they turned out pretty good for 55 year old tires but they have rust stains on the sidewalls from the rim. I was thinking on useing an acid based cleaner like limeaway,CLR or a mag wheel cleaner but i have not tried it yet as i was wondering if anyone has been faced with this problem before?
Keep on with the Bleche-Wite. I've used it over thirty years and it eventually gets all the crud off of tires. I use it: tires dry, good scrub brush, bucket of near-boiling water. Have to go over most tires 2-3 times until clean. If the rust is on the "white" of the sideall, then soak a rag in 100% laundry bleach and hold against tire for awhile (with gloves and GREAT ventilation, obviously). If stain is on the "black" then EASTWOODS "Forever Black" might get it, as would black tire paint.
You know i took a scothch brite pad and some westleys and lightly scrubbed the white walls and the rust came off. I guess i needed something with a little more teeth to scrub the 50 years worth of grime off the tires.
Try acid products on the rust stains. CLR, various toilet bowl cleaners, hard water stain removers and the like...naval jelly is acid also. Then bleach the white walls.
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