Citgo Supergard Ultralife 10w-30

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Nov 25, 2003
The Tropics of Antartica
I noticed Citgo's entry into the High Mileage oil scene has a flash point of 469F . I know oil protection cannot be judged by that alone but I've never seen a FP that high in a HM oil and seldom if ever in a multigrade dino regular PCMO . Citgo is known for their big additive packs . I would certainly like to see this one especialy since it's price is 1.39 which is quite a bit lower than other HM oils and the cold weather properties look good too for a HM oil . Anyone using this oil ?
I have used regular Citgo, but not this stuff. Not too many use it on this board. Flash point is usually there for safety measures to know it will ignite at the flash temp listed. I don't think it has anything to do with high temp opetation. I could be wrong. I don't think there is a big difference between 392f and 500f in an egine that sees 1000+f temps on some parts.
Originally posted by Motorbike: I noticed Citgo's entry into the High Mileage oil scene has a flash point of 469F .
The listed flash point for Valvoline Maxlife 10w40 is 468 (242C) and I believe Valvoline Durablend 5w30 is listed about that high also.
Originally posted by GROUCHO MARX: Motorbike, where is it sold?
An Oklahoma owned chain of farm stores has it in stock . The company is called Atwood's . Pepboys has it too . get this , I called and this oil in the 10w-30 wt will typically have TBN 9 Phos 1000 Zinc 1100-1200 Calcium 2300 Moly around 100 ppm and drum roll ............ [Smile] Boron 180-200 [Cool] BTW , retail is 1.69 which is cheap for a HM oil . The sale price this month at those stores is 1.39 . Citgo is also known for great rebates in spring of year . Bought some of their Supergard once for 49 cents a quart after rebate [Razz] I believe this oil is marketed like it can be ran in newer cars in the seal conditioners are not hazardous to a good seals health .
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