Citgo SuperGard found for cheap!

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Sep 13, 2002
Jackson, Wisconsin
Yesterday I bought a case of 5w30 Citgo SuperGard and a local Farm and Fleet store for $9.80/case plus it comes with a $4.80 mail-in rebate. Seems like a decent dino oil with some moly in it for less than 50 cents a quart (after rebate). So, I'll be using this for 3 oil changes (probably 3,500 miles) in place of 10w30 Schaeffer in my daily driver '89 Civic Si. Specs can be found here...
Geeze whata price. I always go for the underdog. Go Missouri Tigers! My favorite College Football Team,,they give Nebraska fits [Razz] I would like to see the 10/40 Citgo ran in a good motor over summer and sent to a lab,,I bet it is a more stay in grade type of an oil than one might think. The PAO 10/30 blend is some HD stuff on the data sheet,,84cSt @ 40C and 11.8 at 100C ,,Flash 453 F HTHS 3.5 The 5/30 blend is 74 and 11.3 446 F flash point and HTHS 3.3 These oils have a chunk of Moly in them,,even the dino I have already posted about the Syndurance 5/40
I always go for the underdog also. I can't "go with the flow". I have tried the 5w-30 dino. My engine ran very smoooooth! I would like to use the blend, but i can't find it. We also have the Citgo for $.49/qrt after rebate.
It's 89 cents here everyday,,I'm getting ripped off [Big Grin] It would be funny if the 10/40 would run out to 5k like a synlube would,,I imo would bet the 10/40 Superguard will run with Castrol Syntec 10/30 in summer. I wish I had more time to test some of these possible comparisons
Does Citgo sae 30 have moly in it. I am thinking for my boat. I now have Delo sae 30 which i think has no moly. Do straight weights have moly?
Jon from the information I have received it does have moly,,the 40wt Citgo has a flash point of " drum roll [Wink] " .... 504 F ! It is a 14.5 cSt oil at 100C vs the 11.8 for the 30wt which the flash point is 478F
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