Citgo Supergard 5w30 / 3600 mi / Ford 4.0

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Jan 10, 2005
2004 Ford Explorer
4.0 SOHC V6
63,000 miles
Motorcraft Oil Filter
Wix Air filter
Citgo Supergard 5w-30 (older non-semisyn)
3600 miles on oil
7 months in crankcase
Had the harmonic balancer separate in January and thought I would check to make sure the bearings are ok. I also am curious how the citgo does. It is a cheap oil and I don't see many analysis of it on this site. Looks pretty good to me for the $. I got this stuff on sale 2 years ago for $0.70/qt. I am out and onto the semi syn now - $2.59/qt.

0 make up oil
Aluminum 2
Chromium 0
Iron 9
Copper 2
Lead 0
Tin 0
Moly 70
Nickel 1
Manganese 0
Silver 0
Titanium 0
Potassium 0
Boron 2
Silicon 9
Sodium 3
Calcium 1682
Magnesium 7
Phos. 636
Zinc 801
Barium 0

Cst Viscosity@ 210 F 56.2
Cst Viscosity@ 100 C 9.12
Flashpoint 385
Fuel 0.5
Insolubles 0.3
Very nice results. Would have done 5-6k with ease, but I understand wanting to check a mechanical problem. Not many here like Citgo, but I've seen some really good results with it.
Looks good. Close to being out of grade but good for the normal short runs.
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