Citgo motor oil

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Mar 24, 2004
Montgomery, NY
I notice Citgo motor oil popping up everywhere in my area in all kinds of stores. The local Chevy dealer and Midas Muffler have it in bulk for their oil changes. This is the regular Superguard oil not Mystic. Does anyone know what kind of base oils are used and how it stacks up compared to other oil brands?
I've heard good things about it. A lot of truckers and heavy duty operators use Citgo brand products, so this would lead me to believe it is pretty good. It does have moly. I have used the 5w-30 for one 2000 mile time and was very happy with it. But then changed to Max Life to slow a leak, then had the leak fixed and went to M1. Very low priced oil. We get it for $.49/qrt sometimes.
Frank, That Supergard uses some of the group I+ " yes there is such thing " [Smile] blended with group II . I think the amounts of each vary to get the desired results like any maker does . Citgo is not shy of additives in their low cost oils and they have a good 1.75 per quart 5 and 10w-30 real Pao blend along with a new High Mileage oil called Ultra Life that can be used in new engines but it only comes in 10w-30 and 10w-40 currently . I'm not through [Razz] They are making a couple group III 30wts for passenger cars , their history of low price , high additive treat rates might make this one a great bang for buck fake synthetic and I heard it will be less than 3.00 a quart For most though , good luck finding any of it anywhere . Their distribution is spotty . The local Yellow pages to find Citgo marketers worked well for finding the blend I used a few times .
By chance, yesterday I did an oil change for the first time using Citgo oil (Supergard 10w-30), which I had got for the wild price of 36 cents/qt. after promotions. Although I have a different car make, the UOA below at least shows that Citgo is capable of iron/lead/copper wear in the low teens, which is fine, especially for an "almost free" oil in my case. For what it's worth, Dollar Tree (a nationwide $1 retail chain) sells Supergard "SL" multiweights for $1/qt everyday, a good option if you need to do an oil change on short notice, or if you don't care for the hassle of rebates.;f=3;t=001317
Thanks for the replies. That UOA of that 10w-40 looked good. I have an 04 Nissan Altima with a 2.5 4 cyl so I'm looking to use 5w-30 which looks pretty good on Citgo's product data sheet. I haven't seen any Citgo synthetic blend or full synthetic, just the the regular Superguard. It's showing up in a lot of stores at a pretty good price. I might try it.
I've been very tempted to try Citgo motor oils but unless I can get it for an extremely low price (like the 36 cent/qt. price TC got) I'll just stick with Havoline.
I am increasingly using more and more of the Citgo and Mystik lubricants. They seem to be an excellent value for the modest cost of the product - but they do seem to be hard to locate.
I have a friend who used Citgo 20w50 in his street/strip car. He hammered on this car constantly, and never lost an engine. I would have no problem running Citgo oils in anything.
I have used citgo gf3 oil for sometime now and im pleased with its performance. Last oil chg. Northstar engine 4680mi. 11 months. Oil looked very clean. I have my own test for oil. I put some oil on a tissue from the dipstick and watch the spot expand if there is any dirt in it the dirt will remain in the middle and the clear oil will appear in the ring. I then take new oil and do the same comparing the two colors, the old sample ring and the new oil,in this case the color was identical and there was no dirt in the middle of the old sample. Not so with my buick riviera 400cu. v8 using quaker state, a sample off the dipstick showed dirt in the middle with the ring good in color. The quaker state web site said that their oil will appear black after so many miles and thats normal. I cant remember what filter I removed from the buick It was not a purolator! (wont venture a guess) but the filter I removed from the northstar was a purolator premium plus. Anyway I changed the oil on the buick to citgo and installed a purolator filter. My second choice for oil would be chevron supreme. I have at this time no second choice for filters. All my oils are 10w30.
For you midwest people try your local Meijer for Citgo Lubricants. I have found plain supergard at Citgo gas stations but have had no luck finding the Citgard HD oils. I did find a lot of the HM Citgo at Meijer, about $1.79/quart. I plan on getting a UOA on the Citgo High Mileage in the next 3-4 months--its additive package is strong, Motorbike posted a short OCI UOA and even though it was a short run you can see the additive package is strong.
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