Citgo 5w20 dino oil

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Apr 19, 2004
New York
Does anybody know anything about this oil? Is it a group 1 or group 2 basestock ? Does it have higher boron levels like Pennzoil etc..It is readily available at a reasonable price in my local supermarket and it is the weight specified in my wifes Honda. Before finding this sight I was sceptical about 5w20 oil and thought about using 5w30 in summer. Now I will probably use 5w20 year round.
pbm I think the Citgo 5w-20 is probably group III or grpup II and III with " I know for fact " a little group I+ mixed in . They have a reputation of using high amounts of boron and moly and although I've not seen a UOA or VOA I'd expect this oil to be every bit as good as the next dino for moderate drain intervals in an engine calling for a 5w-20 . Their 5w-20 is their most expensive regular oil and that might depict a better basestock used
I think it was G-Man who said that any "conventional" 20w that meets Ford specs and GF3 will be anywhere from 20% - 40% group III. That would certainly explain why the 20w Citgo is more expensive than their other conventional offerings.
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