Cinder block hit; Now I know what......

It seems there is more stuff laying in the middle of roads now than ever. Wheelbarrows, lumber, cinderblocks , couches, etc., etc.

True story. In Northern Virginia, just about 30 miles from Our Nation's Capital, on Virginia route 28 near Ashburn, there was a couch on the shoulder of the highway for close to *2* years. Somehow it moved occasionally, but never very far. Then one day, it was gone. Who took it or why it took them 2 years to deal with it is unknown.

Though this *IS* the general part of the country where a broken down vehicle can sit on the shoulder of that same highway for almost a month...and then I call the Fairfax County Police department and say in my best "can you people do your job for once" voice "Hi. There's a broken down car on 28. It's been sitting there for a month. I'm sick of looking at it every time I drive by on my way to work. Can you do something about it?"...and then, like MAGIC, it's gone the next day!