Christmas presents: wrap, box or bag?

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Mar 17, 2008
What will most of your Christmas presents be packaged in? Wrapped package Gift box Gift bag For us it will be sloppily wrapped presents as usual.... smile
This year they are wrapped except for the ones that cant be wrapped, those are bagged. The only reason they are wrapped is because my girlfriend offered to wrap them, if not for that they would be bagged or draped with a sheet.
Honestly.. I'm exceptionally lazy when it comes to gifts. I generally order all of them off Amazon and don't even bother wrapping the box. LOL That is, unless my wife tells me that I can't do that and wraps them for me. thumbsup
Already gave her the backup camera,heated blanket and shooting accessories ahead because she wanted it now. Ill be content if we can sleep in till noon on Xmas without relatives calling.
I prefer to use bags but I’m cheap so they’ll probably be wrapped. Before I was married I always saved gift bags I received gifts in to reuse. Now that I’m married with kids there’s not much room in the house and my wife thinks I’m a hoarder already, so they get thrown out.
this year, they'll be packed in .... Warm weather ..... Promise not to send a picture of me wadding in my shorts..... remember: Feliz Navidad and Yo quiero una pina collada P.S. if Santa is not sleeping at 4 am, some stealth boxes may appear under a certain artificial tree
The last few years we have been wrapping them in material, like scarves etc. Someone unwraps a present, someone else discretly picks up the scarf and disapears, comes back with a present to give to someone else. It's working great, no more paper to get rid of.
I wrap them. No mistaking my work, won't even need to add my name. Wife snags new paper every year when it goes on sale after the holidays.
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