Christmas in February

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Jan 8, 2005
Bridgeport , WV
Since joining this forum, I've done nothing but look for German Castrol(sorry, I don't feel I've been around the forum long enough and paid the proper dues to just call it "GC"). Well, it happened at 12:09 p.m. EST today!. There I was gazing at the same empty space in my local Auto Zone that I'd gazed at maybe a hundred times before, when suddenly...(Try to remember the late sportscaster Howard Cosell who many times exclaimed) THERE! RIGHT THERE! There it was that beautiful black and green bottle which read 0W-30! I feverishly look on the back of the bottle to find 'MADE IN GERMANY" and it was there! I need 7 quarts for my BMW 5 Series, and there were 7 quarts on the shelf. But because I am an educated member of this forum, I realized that something was different with two of the bottles. They were highlighted in red. RED FLAG! I looked on the back and, sure enough, Made in USA--back to the shelf. Guess I"ll have to keep on looking for the final 2 quarts. I can wait. Thanks for listening.
Good things come to those who wait...
Not open for further replies.