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Sep 10, 2009
I'm not sure how to describe the tire wear but I'll try and I want to know if it's normal. I have a small car...01 Nissan centra and tires are new. I'm on my second rotation now. I also had the car aligned about 3 thousand miles ago. When I run my hand over the outside tread clockwise it feels smooth but when I run my hand the opposite direction the tread feels jagged, the tread feels smooth on the inside tread closest to the struts. Is this typicle?
Probably an out of balance tire bouncing up and down while driving, which could also result in a bad strut and cupping the tire. Get the tires balanced then rotate them left to right (unless they're directional tires). I have 1 tire that's cupped on the Beetle, Discount Tire refuses to do anything about it (it's really loud on the freeway) and they say it's probably the suspension on the car. The suspension on the Beetle is perfect, front end practically rebuilt and I've rotated the tires several times and it doesn't do it to the other tire on that side. Must be a coincidence since that tire isn't from the same set, it was a replacement 15k miles in due to road hazard. 55k on tires (they're Michelins), I guarantee it's a defective tire, yours could be too.
What sort of driving do you do? I'd guess a lot if turns, maybe off ramps and such. I have had this on numerous vehicles, it is time for more frequent rotation.
Feathering would be all lugs showing the same wear. Cupping would be limited to certain spots, and if left long enough would look like a flat spot. My Jetta is hard on tires. It will feather rear tires due to bad toe-in. However it appears to only cup aggressive snow tires--I've had at least two sets (?) of snows cup, and badly at that. Once the tire takes a wear pattern it's pretty much stuck. I'm guessing you could take out some of the feathering by doing a cross-x rotation, so that the tire turns the opposite way; but it might be loud. Did you keep the printout from the alignment?
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