Chivalry or overprotective?


Aug 21, 2016
I hold doors for strangers and always have from a young age. I'm in NY and we get a bad rap (many times deserved) but 90% + time people of various ages are grateful. Older (65+) are almost always very receptive and to my surprise so are young women. Young men not so much. Where the issues can present are middle-aged people just like me!

If you are indignant over a door held open it ain't gonna go without comments! No reason not to be cordial for a simple, polite gesture. If you do not wish a door held for you, or can't be polite; simply state no thank you, or I do not wish for any door to be opened for me. Don't accept the gesture and snub your nose. Nothing bothers me more than rude people or bullies.

Reminds me of the...."Don't mistake my kindness for weakness."
I am guessing that all of you guys put the toilet seat down too......LOL.
That reminds me of my friend telling me his wife didn't turn on the bathroom light at night and sat down in the bowl because he had left the seat up. Upon further reflection, he is the same guy who usually waters his culinary sage bush in the backyard. I thought it was out of convenience but maybe he's been banned from the bathroom.
I am guessing that all of you guys put the toilet seat down too......LOL.

When I was growing up, my mom was adamant that my siblings and I put the toilet seat and lid down before flushing and keep it down unless doing number 1 or 2. I still do that as an adult.

As far as the car door thing goes, no. My wife doesn't want it or expect it and if I asked her, her business analyst mindset would probably appear saying we can get going faster getting in and out of the car ourselves.
It just depends on the situation. I do like to drop her off at the front door of some businesses while I navigate a parking spot or just wait for her to get back from a store. Opening a car door for someone in good health really does not warrant a blue ribbon or gold medal of honor.
I still open it for my bride - 23 years.

Here in the South people generally hold the door for you. When I lived in Boston they generally did as well. When I lived in Minnesota if they held the door you knew they must have been raised somewhere else.
I've been opening the door for my bride for the last 54 years (including the two years we dated).
After severe bashing's I put the toilet seat down. But I also put the lid down (Catch 22). My excuse is to keep the dogs from drinking from the bowl. Somehow outside water and bowl water taste's better than tap water?