chevronTexaco 5w20 or EP gear oil?

south texas border
I was swayed by the UAOs posted here to try havoline 5w20, I was teetering on the edge for a while between the 5w20 or 5w30 chevron. Trying to pinch a few pennies since I though amsoil 5w20 was overpriced (esp considering shipping) for a g3 7500 mile interval. So I dropped out the amsoil after a respectable 6500 oci and cracked open a bottle of havoline. WHOA! My senses were assulted by the smell of ep lubricant! Having recently serviced my differential in my pickup I am very familiar with the sticky pungent smell. So guys I didn't see anything in the VOAs about ep additive in the 5w20. Usually that stuff runs 5 bucks a quart or better..what a deal! [Cheers!] Should be good for wear me thinks. I'll let you know after running it for a 5000 oci. btw: using wix filter. [Cool]