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Dec 28, 2003
Chevron is highly praised here and I have seen the spec. sheets, but in the uoa. Chevron Supreme had an unusually low (unacceptable) flash point. I guess I'm not as sold as you all seem to be. It's cheap, but ...
haley, I disagree. Not all Chevron UOA's provide a flash point and I remember seeing an errantly low one, too. There's many with 390F and higher. This is also dependent upon which vehicle the oil goes into as well. Toyota V6's tend to beat oil to a premature death.
Yep, know about Toyota, but haven't seen that many uoa's here in general. It just seems to be a general consensus, but I don't see the foundation.
" ... but in the uoa. Chevron Supreme had an unusually low (unacceptable) flash point." What do you mean, "THE uoa" ?? [Confused] There are dozens of Chevron UOAs on this site. Don't judge the oil by just one. --- Bror Jace
Delo 15-40 wouldn't meet my needs. I was looking at 10W-30 only. Many of the uoa's may be labelled something else and will just take awhile to cut through. I was referring to the most recent 10-30 uoa I found. I wasn't being critical.
haley10, no big. I was just cautioning you and everyone else reading this thread not to base too much on a single analysis. Dig around and you'll find more test results. Maybe try searching using the words "Chevron Supreme" and then sifting through the hits (there will be a lot). Also, be sure to be searching the correct subsection: "Used Oil Analysis - Gas Engines." --- Bror Jace
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