Chevron + Unocal...?

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Mar 8, 2005
So Cal
First off, sorry that I posted this here, as I couldn't find a better forum on the site. What is up with all the mergers and dwindling competition? I just have to say from an emotional standpoint, that this sucks. Now I understand all about making money, but I have used Unocal for years, and I prefer them now because they use additives I like, and because they use methanol, and my vehicles like it. Now the only choices will be Chevron, Mobil, Shell, and Arco. Chevron's Techron hurts seals, corrodes metal and causes vapor lock in my Tacoma, my truck has never ran well with Mobil gas, I had a bad experience with Shell a couple of times, so I don't use them, and Arco is corn derived gas. I obviously prefer Unocal. Sorry. I'm just venting I guess, but this stuff just doesn't go over well with me for some reason. I wish it didn't always boil down to the almighty dollar. Well..... [Frown] sheesh. BtB
Originally posted by Bob The Builder: Chevron's Techron hurts seals, corrodes metal
Uhhhh, no it doesn't. There isn't anything in the chemical makeup of Techron that would cause corrosion and seal damage. Funny that you should mention methanol though, that stuff has been PROVEN to corrode metal parts. And because of that, I won't use it in anything I own.
Unocal has not refined or sold gasoline since 1997. That is when the "76" brand, refineries and stations were sold to Philips, which was later merged into Conoco. Look at the back of a bottle of "76" brand motor oil and you will see ConocoPhilips, not Unocal. ChevronTexaco is only buying a producer of crude oil, which is all that the current Unocal does. As for gasoline formulas/ingredients in CA, they are all pretty much the same today. There is "corn" ethanol in all of them, no methanol or MTBE anymore. The amount of Techron in pump gas is not going to corrode anything, maybe if you use too much of the bottled concentrate. [ April 06, 2005, 12:36 PM: Message edited by: Jimbo ]
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