Chevron Supreme vs Texaco Havoline ?

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Sep 18, 2002
I've done the search and read the answers but I haven't found enough info to determine whether or not these are the same oils? Does anybody really know? Okay wise guys, yea, I'm sure someone knows. But does anybody on this www know enough to give the correct answer? OUr local Walmart "never" has the 10-30 Supreme.
My guess is that when the new oil specs come out this summer, ILSAC GF-4 & API-SM, we'll see a lot more consolidation of formulations within oil brands of the same owner: -Chevron & Havoline -Conoco, Phillips, Union76, & Kendall -Shell, Pennz, Quaker St. (lower cost Wolf'sHead?) -Exxon & Mobil -BP, Amoco, Castrol, (any ARCO labeled oil?) -CITGO & Mystic who'd I leave out? Ken
Originally posted by Gebo: OUr local Walmart "never" has the 10-30 Supreme.
Yeah- our local WalMart has plenty of the Havoline products, and I'm going to try the 5w/30 in my wife's Windstar next, even though I posted pretty decent UOA results with Castrol GTX. Kinda get hooked once you dig into this message board!
The regular Chevron and Havoline probably are different, but in the newer "high mileage" oil introductions, both are the same according to the tech data sheets. So, as Ken2 suggests, the next time the regular oil is upgraded (GF4?), likely the regular Chevron and Havoline will be the same too. Ken, What about Valvoline and Marathon? Both are product lines of Ashland.
As of June 13, 2003, except for an inconsequential 0.2 increase in TBN numbers for Havoline, both products' published specifications are <i>exactly</i> the same in all viscosity range categories.
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