Chevron Supreme......synthetic blend??

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Jan 1, 2004
Poquoson, VA.
Well, I stocked up good on the Chevron Supreme 5W-30 Sunday. Now I have a question for you fellow oil gurus. Does Chevron market a synthetic blend oil? If so, where is my best bet to find it? I didn't notice it at Walmart, but they were low on their oil stock that day. I wouldn't mind paying extra. I was reading on here that 5W-30 shears down to a 20 weight over time, like any other dino oil I suppose. A synthetic blend Chevron or Havoline would be nice to have!
I have yet to see any Chevron blend or synth anywhere around here in a retail store. Now that Chevron is now in every bottle of Havoline, that will be easier to find Havoline blend or synth at AutoZone or WalMart...
to reopen an old subject:

some sources say that the "ISO-SYN" label on the Chevron Supreme Line is in fact a Group III/II blend.

then again other sources say that Chevron's ISO-SYN formula is a some kind of Group II+ oil.

whatever the case it is an impressive oil at a more than fair price. The Delo 400 15W40 was great in my opinion also.

What never ceases to amaze me is how people will pay 4.99$/qt for Castol Sham-Tec when you can buy Chevron next rack over??
I am thinking of running either the Supreme 5w30 or Supreme Synthetic 5w30 in my cars. I would be curious if a blend was available as well. The Supreme is well thought of here - the Supreme Synthetic is a less known quantity. I could just get Mobil 1 5w30 and forget it, but I am curious about the Supreme Synthetic. Some UOA's are available on it, but not many.
The only place I've seen Chevron synthetic blend is at Advance Auto Parts stores. And then it's the Havoline Syn Blend rather than the Chevron brand name.

Originally posted by Roger:
The only place I've seen Chevron synthetic blend is at Advance Auto Parts stores. And then it's the Havoline Syn Blend rather than the Chevron brand name.

Ditto. Other than the odd quart or 5 of Chevron Supreme 10w-40 dino at Wally World, the only place around me that consistently stocks a full supply is Advance Auto...albeit in the Havoline variety.

Now that Texaco bottles the Chevron oil in the Havoline containers, I wonder if the Chevron oil product line as we know it will disappear totally in favor of Havoline as the "marketed" brand name.

Of course, it will still be Chevron oil in those black Havoline bottles, but what about the Delo products?
Straight from the Chevron website:

"In order to satisfy both viscosity and volatility requirements for SAE 5W-30, a new Group II+ base oil was used to formulate this product. Furthermore, due to the higher fuel economy hurdle required for GF-3, viscosity grades SAE 5W-30 and 10W-30 required the use of a friction modifier, an additional component, as part of their additive package.

As mentioned above, all Chevron Supreme non-synthetic multigrade products are formulated with ISOSYN™. Excellent oxidation stability is an inherent benefit of ISOSYN™ base oils. They provide improved low temperature performance and better dispersancy characteristics when formulating, making it easier to meet performance requirements."

--- Bror Jace
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