Chevron Supreme Synthetic Blend and Havoline

May 21, 2020
I was in Chevron branded quick mart yesterday and noticed the Chevron oil. My guess it's the same as Havoline
Have six quarts of this in my Ford right now. Great oil. Fabulous price.

I've run a boat load of Chevron Supreme through my vehicles as it was the best deal available. Bought it at Costco by the case or at Walmart by the jug. Recently, it's not been available. Costco has their Kirkland brand now and Walmart has replaced it on the shelf with 32 flavors of SuperTech.
Chevron Supreme is Chevron's value option to my knowledge, Chevron Supreme is meant to be the entry level syn-blend/conventional oil and Havoline is now "synthetic technology" which I think is still a syn blend but using Chevrons better base oils, Chevron's always been big on hydro isomerization processes that they've historically refered to under trademarks such as ISOSYN, ISODEWAXING, or ISOFINISHING.