Chevron Supreme Synthetic 5W-40 available?

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Aug 21, 2003
Vancouver, Canada
I've done some research on the oil I'd like to use in my BMW, and this is a top contender. The problem is that Chevron Canada in Vancouver doesn't import or package it, and the Chevron jobber in Bellingham has never heard of it. In other words - is it for real or is it just a shot from the marketing department at Chevron? Have any of you out there bought it or seen it and if so where? Thanks! JJ
pepper, hannaco, widman Thanks for the replies, gents - I'm hoping there's no confusion on this because Chevron makes two different 5w-40 synthetics: 1 - DELO 400 Synthetic 5w-40, which is for heavy duty applications, and 2 - Supreme Synthetic 5w-40, which is an ACEA A3/BMW LL-98 approved oil for gas engines, and is the one I need I spoke to the nice young lady at Chevron Canada that fills the orders for Canadian Chevron jobbers and dealers - she's the one THEY call when they want to order lube oil from Chevron. She said she had a part number for the Supreme Synthetic 5w-40, but that they couldn't supply it because they don't have packaging in Canada for it with an English/French label. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out if this product is for real - I don't want to use DELO 400 because it's not ACEA A3 or BMW LL-98 or LL-01. I spoke to a Chevron jobber in Washington state, and once we got past the "no, it's not the DELO that I'm looking for" part, he took the part number from me and was going to see if he could source it from Chevron in the US. I figured that with all the knowledgable shoppers and users on this board, if this stuff really existed on a shelf somewhere, then one of you would have seen it. If you read the MSDS and the product data sheet, it's an awesome motor oil with a -60F pour point, PAO and ester blend formulation. It's definitely not the same as DELO or HAVOLINE 5w-40, both of which have much higher pour points. Anyway, thanks in advance, and Happy New Year! JJ
jaj, i did not know Chevron was coming out with a non Delo 5w40. We use the Delo 5w40 in the winter and Delo 15w40 summer. Hope you find the new oil.
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