Chevron Supreme Hunting

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May 23, 2006
Anyone know where I can find Chevron Supreme in central Florida. Its not at my Costco or Wal-Mart. I always read how Its good oil at a great price. But I cant seem to locate any. I also visit Macon GA. If anyone has seen it there.
Although Chevron tends to be less expensive, you could use Havoline if you can find it (shouldn't be hard). They're basically the same thing, maybe not "identical", but very similar. I'm running Havoline in my 3400 V6 Grand Am, and after about 1300 miles into the OCI, I gotta say I love it. Weird thing is it seems to run smoother and quieter now than it did the first few hundred miles....oh well.
Availability in the Southeast is spotty, at best. My local Sam's Club carries it, but only in 20W-50, no other weights.

As bighead said, however, Havoline is close enough for government work.
Good Luck! I think I bought the last 7 quarts of 5W30 in New England about 8 months ago at a Walmart in Manchester NH

fwiw if anyone is looking for 10W40 there are about 8-10 quarts of it still in the Manchester store last time I checked

How Ironic a oil that didn't sell well not that long ago at Costco. I bought up several cases when all this talk of 5/20 was going on and wish I had bought a hundred. I use it a lot in the lawn equiptment it works very well.
I'd just use Havoline from WM - $8.50 for 5 qts.
That's what I buy when I can't get 59 cent Chevron. That's cheap enough to try one run then look for cheapest source. If its to pricey-
TropicArtic unless you need 5-20 is $1.52 gt.

You drive very far looking - you spent what you are trying to save in oil on your gas.
Yeah Red Dog it is sold here but nowhere offers the good pricing that others here get. I have seen it at Walmart in Macon for $1.59 a qt.
1.59/qt. for a first quality motor oil using hydro-isomerized base oils is not a bad price these days regardless what people in other parts of the country get it for. Remember - you snooze, you lose.
Thanks for all the replies, Yeah i'm already using Havoline that i picked up on sale at Advanced Auto for 1.58 a quart.Just thought before i run out of these 3 cases that i'd hunt down some of that Chevron for .59 cent a qt. I guess those days are gone. Sounds like anything less than 1.58 and as good as Havoline would be hard to find. Thanks again. Red Dog
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