Chevron Supreme Dino type oil

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Sep 4, 2002
From what I've been reading here and on other forums the Chevron Supreme oil looks like one of the best dino oils there is. Does anyone have any thoughts on this. I plan to change my oil on a 3000 mile/6 month schedule. I don't drive very much. We have 2 vehicles and put about 5000 miles on each in a year. One is a 2001 Tahoe and the other is a 2002 Silverado. Both have the 5.3L engine. (No knocks yet).Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. Thanks, [ November 13, 2002, 03:09 PM: Message edited by: westex39 ]
I personally think that the chevron supreme oil (dino) is a great choice, I switched over to it from valvoline maxlife. I did notice that the oil is extremely clear when you poor it out of the bottle, I have an older 4 cylinder with around 158,000 miles on it, I changed the oil a few weeks ago and the oil is still very clear, (don't know if this really matters or not). The car idles/runs fine and compared to some of the other dino oils I think Chevron Supreme is a great value. (I found it on sale for .99 a quart)
I don't know where the idea came from that the Chevron Supreme is the best, it does appear to have good technical specs, but we haven't seen any oil analysis results on it that I can recall. I agree with Toy4x4, the Pennzoil and GTX would be my first choices (As some of you know, I'm planning on running Pennzoil in my wife's car for a year long test using different viscosities actually, ranging from 5w20 to 5w30 to 10w30) By the way, you could probably stretch out the Pennzoil or GTX to 4 or even 5k intervals. [ November 13, 2002, 08:16 PM: Message edited by: Patman ]
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Patman: [QB]I don't know where the idea came from that the Chevron Supreme is the best, it does appear to have good technical specs, but we haven't seen any oil analysis results on it that I can recall. There are two results of the 10-30 in the used oil section. [SPAZ!]
I agree that Castrol GTX is a very good oil, I use it in two of my cars, however, I use Chevron Supreme in an older car of mine and think it's a good value for the money, and I've read some of the test results of used oil samples in the used oil section and it seems to be a good dino oil.
There are two oil analysis results of this oil in the analysis section. I have also spotted Terry saying this is a decent oil more than once. I'm using it in two of my vehicles now. My Vic is on it's third fill of 10W30 Chevron Supreme. It is due to be changed again in about 400 or so miles and I'm going to send in a sample of this drain for analysis. I'll post my results to this board. I may even send in some virgin oil for analysis to compare the before and after. My subjective experience tells me that I like this oil so far. It also seems to flow very well when cold. The car fires up and runs very quietly on those 3x degree mornings we have been having lately.
Some of the reputation Chevron has is its development in the field of hydroprocessing base oils. However, other dino oils are using the same, advanced Group II+ bases now. I think Chevron Supreme is a great value for the money, and one of the best dino oils available ... until you compare it against something that has moly in it. That's where Pennzoil, Castrol GTX and Schaeffer Micron Moly will pull ahead. --- Bror Jace
based on the specs of the oil it seems like a good oil, but the Chevron/Havoline products all lack moly additives,like Bror referred to above. Thus I prefer not to use them when I can get an oil with a bit of moly tossed into it for roughly the same cost.
Sorry, I stand corrected, I didn't remember seeing any Chevron results. I guess I was wrong, time to go search now! [Smile] I still prefer Pennzoil because of it's group 2+ base oil and moly.
If moly is a must have in a OTC dino oil I think imo the Phillips Trop Artic Turbo 10/30 warrants a look-see. A unique formulation with a TBN of 13. It has ample moly for an engine that is ran long enough to get plated along with other adds that compare to a known group III oil. I posted a virgin sample but was editing it and accidently deleted it. Will put it back up today. I have not seen enough analysis to make a call on what my personal pick " best OTC dino below a 40 wt" is yet. The Phillips looks very promising for many short distance city driven cars and hiway though. Time will tell on that oil. The best oil will always be for the type engine,how it is driven and the the drain interval. Some of the modern motors are tough on a synlube demanding more frequent changes with dino's. I have not yet seen imo a 5k 30 wt OTC oil that will run in all motors that distance. Others maybe,some engines will hurt those oils badly it seems.I went to a synlube to avoid 3k oil changes in a hiway driven commuter car we own after analysis of a OTC oil
I would use Chevron year round, but in MN it gets cold. I need all the cold cranking ablities i can get. Chevron specs are identical to Havoline except for the CCS of 5-30. Havoline is 5300 at -30, and Chevron is 6300 at-30. I even called Chevron about this. They said the Havoline must have better cold weahter properties.
westex39, The Chevron would probably be a very good choice for you given your mile/interval change you posted. And it is available where you live to boot! I am not a oil expert but it has gotta be one of the better OTC dinos available moly or no moly [Smile]
Sure sounds like I need to consider a oil that has a moly additive. Which oil has the most moly? I'll be using a 5W-30 or 10W-30. I really favor a 10W-30 since it doesn't get that cold here. Thanks to all for your responses. I really like this forum.
Pennzoil and GTX both have around 60-70ppm of moly, Mobil 1 has about 90ppm, Schaeffer oil has about 170ppm and Redline has about 500-600ppm. There are others with moly but I'm not sure of their concentration exactly.
Considering the price of the Redline it looks like the Schaeffers would be the best bet. We have a dealer here in town, I will be contacting him shortly. Thanks for the info Patman. westex
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