Chevron Supreme Dino 10w30

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Jun 8, 2002
Elizabethtown, Pa
Well the Chevron, Pennzoil and GTX I think are on a par. The Chevron has no moly but we have seen many good reports on it. I think you can certainly go further than the 3 months or 3K miles. I probably would go at least 4K miles with the 10W Chevron-but that's just me. [ July 06, 2003, 01:49 PM: Message edited by: Al ]
Look on the Virgin Oil Analysis board, there's a recent virgin analysis of Chevron 10w30. Looks like it now has decent doses of moly & boron(Sorry, Al! [Big Grin] ), plus it usually gets good to excellent UOA results posted here at bitog. I'd say don't sweat it, it should do as well as any off-the-shelf dino oil, probably better than most.
I would feel comfortable using any of the 3 oils you mentioned. I just bought a case of GTX at Advance because it was on sale for $1.28/qt. but I also have some of the $1.08 Chevron and some Chevron/Havoline in my garage! [Freak]
Just wanted some feedback. I own a 1995 Nissan Hardbody 4x4 V6 with 73000 miles on the odo. Since new I have always changed the oil every 3 months or 3000 miles (wcf) without fail, although Nissan recommends every 3 months or 3750 miles. I have used QS, and Castrol GTX until now where I purchased Chevron Supreme at Walmart for $1.08 quart. Although, this is a great price per quart, the main reason I went with the Chevron Supreme was the postitive comments from this board about the oil. Did I make the right choice over the other brands of dino oils out there? Thanks as always for your feedback.
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