Chevron Supreme appears from nowhere.

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Aug 6, 2004
Lower Alabama
I've never seen Chevron Supreme in my neck of the woods. Havoline, on the other hand, is USUALLY available in every corner market and drug store. Last week, Chevron Supreme in 10W-40 suddenly appears on the shelf of my local WM. No other weight... just 10W-40. Then, I notice that Sam's Club is stocking CS in 20W-50. Again... no other weights. Havoline supplies, however, continue to dwindle. I'm not sure why Advance Auto even bothers putting the stuff on sale anymore... it's never in stock. I'm assuming this is a Katrina-related supply issue. Anybody else notice quirks in their local oil supplies?
The checker auto parts out here have mounds of Chevron supreme. The oil racks are full and then they have cases stacked to make a little display when you walk in. Must easily be 60 cases that make the stacked display. Plus another 60-80 cases on the racks. They have the ones with the rollers on them. When you grab a case another one rolls forward.
In addition to the above stated: you can also find Chevron supreme at COSTCO; which is Sam's Club chief competitor.
Well in the NorthEast you can't [Frown] (find Chevron) Goose [Patriot] Actually in the Manchester NH Walmart there are still maybe 6 qts of 10W40 on the shelf..I bought all the 5W30 they had but have not seen any since
My local Wally's almost always has CS in stock; 5/30, 10/30 and 10/40. $1.68/qt. I was at Costco the other day and all they had was Formula Shell. CS is long gone :boohoo:
I have never seen Chevron Supreme on the east coast. I saw some in a gas station in Kentucky I think for 3.99 a quart [I dont know]
Here in the NW, Schucvks/Kragen been having Chevron on sale for 0.89 w/ 4.80 rebate per case. Since last summer. Got 4 cases sittying in the corner in the garage
I bet you guys that are not able to get Chevron Supreme, can probably get your hands on TropArtic/Kendall though. Am I right?
Yep GoldenRod, no Chevron, but the BigLots has a bunch of Kendall Synthetic Blend for $1.59. Can't seem to find the TropArtic though.
For whatever it's worth, I just came off a change from Chevron Supreme 10W-30 (SL) for my first change to TropArtic 10W-30 synthetic blend (SM) in my 84 quart stash in my Sonata 2.7L V6 at 18,000 total vehicle miles. At 670 total miles on the T/A, and a trip to Las Vegas and back yesterday, the T/A returned a slightly higher fuel mileage figure of 32.06 mpg at 70 mph. (I topped of the tank and zero'd the trip odometer just before entering the I-15 and topped off again upon my return and computed the fuel useage with a hand-held calculator.) A trip to Phoenix and back a couple of months ago on the C/S returned 31.4 mpg. All in all, I see no meaningful performance difference, nor do I hear any apparent engine noise level change between the two formulations. Buy on price and use either in confidence.
I group Chevron, Texaco and Conoco Blends together as stuff I prefer at 1.50 or below but as long as Kragen/ shucks sale prices Chevron supreme at .89 and after rebate .49 , that's what I buy.
At the risk of rehashing a development that has already been discussed but may've escaped me, I noticed this evening at my local Pep Boys that bottles of Chevron Supreme SM 10W-30 now indicate "ISOSYN" on the front labeling again. (Seems when the SM oils were introduced in late 2004, Chevron dropped "ISOSYN" from the 10W-30 bottles' labeling.) Anyone know how long that's been the case and whether it represents a base oil change?
The only Cheveron oil I EVER see around here is Delo 400 15W40. Wally World HAS started carrying TropArtic for $1.48 but no CS. And yeah, they barely ever have Havoline in stock here either in the jug. There are a few quarts but that's it. At first I thought it was b/c it was the cheapest of the mainstream oils but QS sells for the same price and is always in stock. You'd think us Gulf Coasters would be in the best shape but....
I'm in Texas and Chevron is hard to find except at a local Tractor Supply store and then never in what I need, 5w20. Same is true with Havoline which is found several places down here but again, I seldom see it in 5w20 (I think either Advance Auto and/or Auto Zone carry it in that weight). Havoline is going for $1.25 a quart as part of a Grand Openning special at a local Family Dollar store. Every weight in the book is on sale but there is not a single quart of 5w20 to be found.
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