Chevron Supreme 10W-30

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Sep 25, 2002
Richmond, VA
Have read some pretty decent UOA's and people seem to be impressed with Chevron oil here. Saw this oil at Wally world for $1.08 a quart and it seems too good to be true. Just got a new Dodge Durango with the 4.7 engine and was wondering what you all think. Should this oil be just as good as any other in this application? Any long term users of this oil?
It is an excellent conventional oil, maybe best. Next step up would be a hi-miles oil with esters blended in for seal conditioning. Those esters help clean and reduce pour-point too. The precence of esters possibly allows longer change intervals too. I hope this helps, as my knowledge is limited. I *would* try the Penzoil HMV in your vehicle, possibly adding the Penzoil Long-Life 15w-40 Fleet oil for topping. Mobil has a new synth blend that smells good.
Only basic SL certs though.
Congrats on the new vehicle! If you're planning on sticking to the manufacturer suggested drain interval as outlined in your owners manual then I'd say the Chevron Supreme is an excellent choice. If you want to increase drain intervals beyond 5,000 then a synth would be a better choice.

Isn't it odd that an oil which turns in such great numbers is so darn cheap? That's essentially the same price it is here.

Problem is that the Walmarts run out of it in 5W30 within a few days of their re-stocking the shelves. 10W30 lasts a little while laonger in most stores and it seems NO ONE wants the 10W40.

I'd like to see an engine which has run this stuff for 50,000 miles or so to see if it is leaving behind any residue. The UOAs seem almost too good to be true.

--- Bror Jace
The reason why I intend to use dino in the Durango is because of the 7/70 warranty. I'm saving receipts on oil & filters and will follow thw mfg. recommendations just in case there are any problems. The book specifically says not to extend drain intervals, even with synthetic.
I've got about 40K miles racked up on Chevron Supreme 10W30 between two vehicles. One is a '99 Crown Vic 4.6L with 110K miles on the clock (25K or so with Chevron 10W30) and the other is a '95 Towncar 4.6L with about 91K miles on the clock (15K+ miles on Chevron Supreme).

I run the oil for 5K mile drain intervals. I have not done analysis but both motors are extremely clean inside and there is no noticable consumption of oil in the '99 and very little in the '95 (about 1 quart in 5K on the '95 -- was 1quart in 2K with other oils).

I also had this oil in last year with many single and low double digit cold mornings. It seemed to do fine there too (no noticable straining while starting).

Your plan sounds great and if you used the recommended viscosity and keep all your receipts how could you go wrong? I doubt anyone would question Chevron oil -- it is a well respected name brand.
I've got the 5w-30 version in my 97 Ranger with 150,000 km. the last 70,000 are Chevron Supreme. Previously was a Group I 10W-30.
Now that I think about it, haven't sent in a sample lately. don't know what it is like inside as it's never been apart. Changes every 6,000 to 7,000 km. Consumption is less than 1/4 qt down on the stick at 6,000 km. Almost all dirt roads. Often 2 or 3 drums of oil in the back. Nothing to complain about
Thanks everyone! Have been using Amsoil 10W-30 in the rest of my vehicles and was thinking about switching back to dino Chevron to save a a buck. It's just hard to beat $1.08 per quart for quality oil. Although I originally intend to keep the new vehicles I buy "forever", it just doesn't work out that way. Although I will keep using Amsoil 100:1 two stroke oil and other Amsoil products (because I do keep the mowers, boats, etc. forever). If only Amsoil wouldn't charge that $20 annual fee. The biggest thing I noticed from using synthetics is that the engine is noticeably cleaner.
Try right clicking on the box where the picture isn't, select properties, copy the link to the picture, paste it into another browser window, click 'go' and the you can see the picture.

BTW, the valve area in the pic is beautifully clean.........
Well %*~*!

It displayed last night. Maybe webshots doesn't allow linking to photos?

If someone has a link to a good free image hosting site I'll post it there.


mikemc, it was nearly spotless.

2.2 liter Subaru horizontal 4 engine, 70,000 miles. Oil used Chevron Supreme 5w-30 & 10w-30 nearly exclusively.

I remembered that my ISP has some free space so I slapped the pic there. This car has just under 90,000 miles now but I bet it looks just as good. I have played with other oils. It really seemed to like Delo 400 15w-40 in the summer. It has Mobil 1 10w-30 in it right now.

I usually ran 4000 miles between changes with the Chevron dino, 5000 with Delo 400 and 6000 - 7500 with Mobil 1.


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Thanks for re-posting the pic. That is some very good photography! Cool pic and yes, it is very clean. I use this oil in my wife's '03 Cavalier and this is good reassurance.
Thanks so much for posting the pic! It really adds to the list of reasons for me to continue with the Chevron Supreme brand. $1.08/qt for this stuff is simply amazing.

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