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Nov 23, 2003
It looks like Checker has this stuff on sale agian for $.99 a quart. I will be using this oil in my brothers 01 Chrysler Town and Country. It has the 3.8L V6. The owners manual calls for 5W-30. I know all grades of the Chevron Supreme are really good. I went and looked at the data sheet on The 5W-30 and 10W-30 are pretty much the same thing. Would it make much of a difference to use 10W-30 over the 5W-30?. Would the 10W-30 be a better performer in the 3.8L V6? I would like to keep using the same viscosity year round. We live in Denver. So it is 90 plus in the summer and gets down below 10 a few times a year. I'm in the middle of the ARX treament on their 92 Accord. I will be using a HM oil after it is done. It looks like Chevron Supreme HM will be the one I will be using. It looks like the same thing for the HM oil. The 5W and 10W is almost the same. I don't know how the 2.2L would like a 10W oil. Any idea's? Thanks
With a dino oil and temps at or below 20* you're definitely going to need the 5W-30. Especially in the late fall/winter/early spring time. So if you only want to use one grade of oil so you don't have to worry about changing for temps then the 5W-30 is it. Is that 3.8 a pushrod engine? Then I suspect that you could use 10W-30 in the "warmer" months if you decide maybe on changing every 6 months. Say April-Sept with 10W-30 and Oct-March with 5W-30. Whimsey
I have not followed this much lately...but it seems that Wal-Marts from Boston to Buffalo are no longer carrying Chevron Supreme. In fact, I have seen it in the close-out section of automotive. Does anyone know the scoop? (I do have a less convenient source--the Connecticut Chevron distributor)... And Havoline and Pennzoil are close behind... Thanks
I don't know the scoop but my local Walmarts have blown out Chevron too. Only some 10W40 in the blowout section. The Delo 400 15W40 quarts are also in the blowout section! They have a huge stock of Havoline for a few cents more. The Havoline stock has to be cheaper than going to LF Powers (and more convenient).
But isn't Havoline dino virtually the same oil as Chevron Supreme dino? And if so, why drive long distances to get the Chevron if Havoline is easier to find?
The only published "difference" between the Havoline and Chevron Supreme conventional motor oils in their respective product data sheets is a paltry "0.2" increase in TBN for the Havoline - across the board. I'm a little suspicious of even that. Personally, for climates that allow it, I prefer a 10W-30 to a 5W-30 - less viscosity shear-down because the VII polymer additive isn't as stressed in the 10W-30 recipe. My Hyundai V6 allows use of 10W-30 down to -9 degrees F. My area's temperatures rarely get below +30 degrees F.
On the back of previous bottle, they describe Havoline as a Group II oil. On the newer (nostalgia) bottle they don't mention this at all. Chevron, in 5W30 and 10W30 is a Group II+ base oil. --- Bror Jace [ June 09, 2004, 08:31 AM: Message edited by: Bror Jace ]
The data sheets and msds are word for word the same between chevron and havoline. This is the future, lots of different bottles with the same stuff in them.
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