Chevron Iso-Syn v. Pennzoil Pure Base = Same Process?

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Nov 26, 2002
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To add on to a previous string I want clarify this. Both are Group II+ or IIa which ever nomenclature is correct. Second question do you foresee II+ and III eventually replacing most dino base oils over time? (sorta of a evolution of oil technology lol)
Originally posted by outrun: Second question do you foresee II+ and III eventually replacing most dino base oils over time? (sorta of a evolution of oil technology lol)
Yes. Once Detroit finally gets on the extended drain bandwagon that upper tier European carmakers are already on, you're going to see more and more "regular" oil having to be made with better base stocks. Ford's switch to 5w20 and their rigid performace requirements are a foretaste of things to come. The oil companies realized that in order to meet the Ford spec they would have to do more than just make a 5w20 version of their same old oil. They had to literally make this oil differently, and initially that meant using some Group III in the base oil blend. As catalyst techology has improved, however, Group II+ is now where Group III used to be in terms of oxidation stability, hence 5w20s can now be made without using Group III as a "correction fluid." (As for 5w20 being made with all Group I as has been eroneously reported ... [Roll Eyes] )
Interesting question I may add. It's funny when I ask a non-educated car owners about what oil they use. Everyone seem to say my mechanic or people they trust tells them to change their oil every 3K and it will last 20 years. So I ask them what oil they use and many will say they trust dino oil..because of cost. That was 5 years ago. When I talk of synthetic they get scared...There is no way they can change what they believe to go past 3K OCI in protecting their engines...synthetic oil is not needed. But they hear of synthetic and they are interested but they know nothing of what synthetic is. Synthetic blend..yes they will take that step as long it's mixed with dino and they feel very confident they are making a better choice than with straight dino. But still will go with the 3K OCI..You can't change what they believe. I ask this same question 5 years ago and many are changing to synthetic blend. I can see the trend.
Group II+ and III are dino base oils, just incrementally better. We'll soon see Group III+. Many oil products, like the new GF-4 and API SM motor oils, can be made from Group I base oil, but it requires a more expensive additive pack. More money will be put into the add pack than saved with the cheap base oil, so you're not likely to see much made that way. Unexpected events like a fire in a base oil refinery that causes a loss of Group II production could force some blenders to Group I temporarily...something like that. And, many industrial lubricating oils will continue to be made from Group I fine for that. Ken
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