Chevron/Halvoline HM or GTX-HM for Jeep

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Jul 10, 2003
Not Seattle, but close.
After the AutoRX rinse phase is done on my 96 Cherokee, it will have 100K. I about decided to go from the current Chevron Supreme 10W30 to either the High Mileage version of this oil, or the Castrol High Mileage dino, still 10W30. (Unless there's some compelling reason to switch)
This engine doesn't leak or consume any oil at all right now. Any preferences, and why?
Well, I see the Hi-Mileage oils if your trying to minimize leaks or consumption, but it seems your engine is sound. I see no advantage in switching from the standard Chevron 10W-30.

If your engine is sound and going to 5-40 synthetic is possible, then that might be something to look at.

No negatives on the HM oils, but I think it's a lot marketing hype and a higher price.
I have been using the Havoline HM in my brothers honda civic that has 130,000 miles on it. He lives local but does not bring his car around often enough for an oil change, so the synthetic components in the HM make me feel better about the longer OCIs (typically 7,000 miles).

I often ask myself why I care so much about someone elses car. I guess that because he has very little $, I feel this is a way I can help out in a small way. Ahhh who am I kidding? I just needed another car to service so that I can justify hoarding oil of different types...
That's a good point. I was just trying to preempt the classic complaint with the 4.0, the rear main seal leaking eventually. And I had read that this engine likes a bit heavier oil, and thought the HM versions might be a be on the heavier side of the 10W30 range. From looking at the spec sheets they do seem to be generally thicker.
I'm also wondering if it's okay to use these HM's as the rinse oil or should I just use the regular formula.
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