Chevron for Canadians

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Mar 20, 2005
British Columbia
Quick question for all my fellow canadian Chevron fans... Where is a good spot to find a stash of Chevron oils. The only places i have seen them are at the Chevron Stations but it is near $5 per quart. I know Lordco sells Havoline (same as Chevron)...but the selection is very limited at best. Thanks
I was at the Lordco in Langley (Scott Road I think) and they seemed to have a pretty good selection of Havoline. I think the price was $4-$5 a quart though. Chevron I've only seen in their service stations. If you ever take trips to the US though, some auto parts stores in Washington sell it for 89 cents a quart on sale. Check the rebate forum for the latest.
About the cheapest oil up here is Walmart's Tech 2000, about $1.70 a quart. Anything with a recognizable name is $3 and up. Don't ask about synthetic.
Never seen Chevron for sale until a local gas station started stocking a small amount. Certain brands arn't popular up here so they are hard to find and priced high due to low volumes. All the big names like Mobil, Pennzoil, Quakerstate, etc are readily available and reasonably priced. We've got XD3!! You should immigrate here just for that! [Big Grin]
We actually have the second-largest reserve of oil in the world, after Saudi Arabia. I really don't understand the differences in price between Canada and the US - our $ are only about $.15 apart, yet we pay about 3 times what you do for engine oil. In another thread, someone I think hit the nail on the head that oil is used as a loss leader in the US a lot; whereas up here it is not. We use pop and chips for that! [Big Grin]
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