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Sep 15, 2003
We ran Chevron Delo 400 0-30wt syn. in our motorcycle race engines for a time. It performed very well and showed little wear on the flat cam tappets.

I have been thinking of running it in my Mercedes AMG C43 v-8. What are your opinions.

Right now I am running a 50/50mix of M1 5-30wt and 0-20 wt. I also use a product called Oil Extreme. I am going to get an oil analysis of this mix in the next couple weeks.

I would also like to try straight 0-20wt M1, any thoughts. My engine lives at 3000-6200 rpm on the weekends.

Thanks, great site.

What weight is called for?? Sounds like you drive somewhat hard. You are in a warm climate-so I would be thinking heavier instead of lighter. I'm not sure we have seen a Used Oil Analysis on the Delo? I assume it is agroup III oil vs a PAO. Seems like Mobil 1 10W-30 would be a better choice for you. You could probably even go with a 25% mix of the M-1 15W-50.

Don't know anything about the Oil Extreme.

I'll bet you could safely run a nice thick 0W30 year round, but in that SWEET AMG engine with temps getting to three digits in the summer in Sacramento, I'd surely want to do UOAs along the way. BOTTOM LINE: I echo Al, though, if your owners manual doesn't approve 0W30 use, I'd then be VERY leary of using it even though I believe the well formulated ones are quite capable. This goes for 0W20 as well even though I think M1 0W20 is going to prove a real winner when matched with an engine designed to accept it.
speedybenz, sorry I can't really answer any of your questions but I would like to know where you purchased the Delo 0W-30 and what it cost. I have never seen this grade of Delo anywhere.

I think it woud be safest to use an oil that is Mercedes approved (229.3). Click on the link below. web page
I'm off topic here as well but I just wanted to say that the C43 is my dream car. I love the last generation C class and that V-8 engine makes it all that much sweeter. Some day,,,,, when it gets really cold in the land of the everlasting fire,,,, I'm gonna have a C43. Would you mind telling us what years you have and any special stories that may come to mind - mentioning oil during your stories to keep it on topic

Originally posted by FowVay:
Would you mind telling us what years you have and any special stories that may come to mind - mentioning oil during your stories to keep it on topic

Talk about "weasel wording!"
One reason I like to run lighter viscosity oils is that they allow the oil pump to pump more oil volume and this helps keep fresh oil between the main and rod bearings and helps keep things cooler. At least what I think is going on in the engine.

As for the AMG C43 it rips along pretty good. I have fab'd up custom sway bars, adjustable spring perches and Penske shocks and a big brake kit. It really gets around the corners.

Back to subject. When I put in my 50/50 mix using 0-20wt M1 the car really feels quicker and smoother.
Thanks for the link, speedybenz. I didn't know that Delo made these two weights, especially the 0w-30. Here's another group III oil with a really low pour point-- -60C or -76F. I tend to believe this pp is accurate compared to the German Syntec because the Delo is thinner at 40C and 100C, has a much higher VI and has much better cold cranking specs.

Originally posted by speedybenz:
Here is the data on the Delo 400, 0w-30 syn. You have to look at the PDF file in the upper left corner to see the hard numbers.

As interesting is the Delo 400 Synthetic Material Safety Data Sheet's "Component" section. It lists three 1-decene copolymer yadayadayada base stocks which really translates to PAOs, or, instead, "IsoSyn" base stocks. In other words, you may well be getting a PAO-based formulation but, perhaps Group III, depending on availability. You won't be getting both in the same bottle, though.

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I'd run an ACEA A3/B3 rated synthetic in the Benz:

Mobil 1, 0w-40
Redline 5w-30 or 10w-30
Amsoil 10w-30 or Series 2000, 0w-30
German Castrol 0w-30

Given this valvetrain design, you are also better off using a friction modified, gas engine oil and not a HD diesel oil.


Most of these 0w-30, group III oils also contain perhaps 20% PAO in order to meet the "0w" viscometric requirements for cranking and pumping. The Petro Canada "Duron" 0w-30 is a similar formulation ....

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