Chevron Delo 400 for Gasoline Engines

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Aug 26, 2003
North Carolina
Was at Wal-Mart yesterday getting my Chevron Supreme 10w40 for my '93 F150 225k and my '93 Grand Cherokee Laredo 189k and picked up a quart of the Delo 400. First line says "for all gasoline and diesel engines.." Is this correct in all circumstances?
It has the API SL rating, but is not "energy conserving". This is the same as the 10W-40 Supreme that you are currently using. Unless cold starting is your main requirement, 15W-40 is superior to 10W-40 (conventional) due to the slightly heavier base oil and less VII's. The endless debate is over the issue of additive levels. Delo has higher levels of additives to deal with turbodiesel engines. I think that is a benefit to gas engines, others think it a minus. Both my '92 BMW and '94 F-150 like the stuff. [ October 14, 2003, 10:33 AM: Message edited by: Jimbo ]
This is an excellent oil for gas engines I believe. I am using it in my sons car and will be trying it in my Toyota Cressida soon. On a side note I comparied the spec on this oil and Castrol GTX 20w-50 which is what I now use in my Toyota. The Castrol came out on top in every spec except the amounts of calcium,zinc and phosphate. So I will probably be returning to GTX at the end of my auto-rx treatment.
Rhinebeck The question is whether Delo 400 is suitable for all gasoline engines. Pre-1994 gasoline engines?...Yes. 1994 & later gasoline engines?...the manufacturers specify 5W-30 or 10W-30 oil. If the owner feels that a 15W-40 viscosity oil is OK, then do it. Ken [ October 14, 2003, 03:07 PM: Message edited by: Ken2 ]
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