Chevron CHEAP!

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Jul 18, 2002
I stopped by my local K-mart this evening to pick up a kerosene container. I browsed the automotive isle (gotta do it) and I scored some Chevron/Texaco Havoline for 99 cents (it was all GF-3 SL rated stuff). They had all the usual weights. I picked up three cases of 10W30. That is even better than the 1.08 I usually pay at Wally World for the Chevron Supreme. I know have about 10 cases of this stuff in my garage. There is definitely something wrong with me...
Prices must vary by region, I checked our closing K-Mart last night and their prices were nothing unusual. They had 10% off oil but even with that Havoline/Chevron was $1.16/qt. Out of curiosity, how many cars do you service with all that oil? [Smile]
I use the Chevron Supreme in three vehicle (two of mine and one of my Mom's car). I use Delvac 1300 Super (or Delvac 1) in my Diesel truck and another car that I have, and Mobil 1 in my Dad's car. I also have several cases of all these other oils as well, plus several cases of tranny oil and gear oil!!! I seem to go through it at a decent rate although I won't be buying the Chevron for a while. I'm going to extend my fill on the Chevron from 4K to 5K and do an analysis to make sure it is up to the task.
There is a sale paper for Kmart in todays newspaper, the Havoline is $.99/qt, and Kmart has the Chevron-Havoline.....I agree with ssmokn, it stock up time.... [ February 07, 2003, 11:13 PM: Message edited by: ZR2RANDO ]
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