Chevron buys Unocal

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May 6, 2005
San Francisco Bay Area
Of course this has little to do with 76 stations, which Unocal divested themselves of years ago. However - Unocal had a key patent on reformulated gasoline production, and there were threats that they might enforce the patent. In the agreement to buy Unocal, Chevron agreed not to enforce those patents, which would likely have raised the price of fuel at the pump. There are also allegations that Unocal claimed that the technology needed for reformulated gas was in the public domain so that the technology would be mandated by public entities. This was while they were applying for patents for those techologies.
What "3 big oil companies"? If you're talking the big national/regional players in the US market, I can think of: ExxonMobil Chevron (Texaco and Unocal) BP Royal Dutch Shell Valero ConocoPhillips Sunoco Marathon I'd be scared if these eventually merge into a "big 3". [Smile]
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