Chevron 20w/50 ??

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
I have seen this oil mentioned here, and the Chevron website also shows it, but I've never seen it anywhere for sale; the only place I've seen Chevron is at Walmarts, but they only have the 10/30 & 10/40. Does anybody know if they carry it? or was is always sold-out, when I looked? [I dont know] I've also never seen any Chevron 5w/30 dino or any Chevron syn-oils... I'm not necessarily going to use this 20w/50 oil right now, BUT, in case I need a chevron-"soup" someday...20w/50 & 10w/30 for the summer...(I once dreamed about mixing these of many ways this page is affecting me, I guess) I'd really like to know where to find this. Does anybody know? oh, another question: --can Chevron dino 10/30 and Delo400 15/40 be mixed? any potential problems? Thanks.
Originally posted by 97tbird: ...the only place I've seen Chevron is at Walmarts
You local Chevron gas station (maybe not the ones run by minimart companies - a genuine Chevron gas station) doesn't carry it? How odd. Perhaps they can order it. I think Texaco Havoline has been mentioned as an alternative. Since the Texaco-Chevron merger, the Havoline oil bottles carry a Texaco-Chevron (or is it Chevron-Texaco) marking on back. HTH, - Arved - Arved
97tbird, check your telephone book under'oil' and see if there is a Chevron bulk plant in your area. pepper32 made this suggestion and I found a Chevron bulk plant in my area. They carry a lot of different Chevron oils. Maybe you can find the 20W-50 there. Might be an idea not to use a 20W-50 in the wintertime, however. Unless you are going to use it in a race car.
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