Chev/Hav HM vs. Castrol

Not Seattle, but close.
I found the following specs, and am wondering what people here think about these two, as far as which looks better on paper. I know that a UOA tells the tale better, but using these numbers as a starting point, which seems to be a better choice? And also, based on anyone's experience, which? Both are within about twenty-five cents of each other in price, as is Castrol Syntec blend. I'm just thinking about using one of these in my Cherokee after the AutoRx rinse is done.Thanks. 10W30 Chevron/Havoline HM Castrol GTX HM VI 138 149 [email protected] 83.1 78.0 [email protected] 12 12 pour point F -27 -22 Flash point 401 415