Check these prices out????

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May 1, 2003
I went to CarQuest today. I was going to give Royal Purple a try. Well two years ago RP was $4.99 a quart. Today it was $5.63 a quart. So I passed on RP. Instead I ended up walking out with old school Amsoil 10W30. They now cary Amsoil as well so I can again get it localy. I think it was $5.13 a quart. Now my Napa also carry's Amsoil but they only cary the Series 2000 for some reason? This oil will be used in the old buick. I could not belive that RP would demand a higher premium the a time tested oil like Amsoil!!!
I don't think too many people here would disagree with me when I say that Amsoil is a better oil than Royal Purple.
My local Car Quest sells Amsoil for something like $8.00 a quart. It was not marked on the shelf and I only got the price after I was able to get the guys attention away from his news paper. I really wanted to try the stuff, but not with service like that I won't. I never went back to the store and never plan to again.
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