Cheap luminous wrist watch??

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Jul 22, 2005
I should really start tearing apart the dashboard on my vehicles and fix the clock but I am getting lazy :-) If I had a real luminous wrist watch, I wouldn't need to fix the dashboard clocks. Looking at ebay, I am not sure if the cheap luminous watch actually can be read inside the car during the night. I suspect only tritium watches are self-illuminating and the so call luminous watches needs recharge every few minutes. My idea of cheap is under $20 shipped. - Vikas
Timex indiglo is good, have to push a button though. If you don't want to have to push a button then tritium is probably the best continuously glowing option but it's not going to be anywhere close to $20.
+1 for a Timex Indiglo. They're cheap as can be, but probably the most easy to read illuminated watch I've ever seen.
No clock in the radio display? Tritrium is the way to go but they are not cheap - in fact they are expensive. - Pardon the personal Q,VIKAS, but IS your Job very time sensitive?
But most of the Indiglo type watches need a button push (or am I wrong??). I am looking for the old style radioactive (!!) watches which glow in the dark on their own. I suspect the only choice is tritium but those things are not cheap.
They are no cheap, but... I've had Luminox 3401 Nighthawk for 10+ years. All I did was change a rubber band once (original started cracking after multiple trips through a commercial dishwasher---I worked in the restaurant and that's how I degreased and sanitized my watch a few times, plus daily baths in chlorine sanitizing solution did not help either) and battery once. Second band has been on for 7 years ans still looks good, after I left restaurant business. Sapphire crystal, anti-reflective coating, two 12 hr timezones. Luminox 2004 Executive Traveller is my dress watch (Love/need 3 timezones-1 12 hr, 2 of 24hr). Have had it for 4 years. Still original on the battery. After wearing Luminox, I will not buy another watch. Tritium markers are great, do not need to be re-charged, like regular phosphorus markers. Watches themselves are built like a tank.
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