Cheap LEDs on ebay

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Dec 28, 2010
San Diego, CA
There is a wide selection of low-cost LED lights on ebay. Most of these are marketed primarily as DRLs. Has anyone used these? I suspect they are too dim to provide any improvement in driving but wanted to see if anyone had tried them out.
I have not personally, but I've seen plenty of people posting on various messageboards who said they got them and thought they were garbage. I'm guessing these guys stay in business because people are curious and buy repeat customers. There's a few quality Luxeon ones here that I have seen in person:
Do you see how long major venders are taking to get truly bright LED replacements out for the standard 60 watt and 100 watt bulb? A bright, reliable LED light with the proper color temperature, at a price consumers will accept is not all that easy to produce. Keep this in mind while you view the offerings on ebay.
Ive got the Phillips Daylight 4 LED DRL kit, bought for $100, it is very very visible in daytime. Works great and is plug-and-play, if that is what you are looking for. Other than that, I tried replacing my parking lights with cheap LED's off ebay, total garbage. Bulbs went from white output to blue in a matter of days, and then one [censored] out.
Firstnissan: Do you run your LEDs at night? this looks like the type of system I am looking for and looks like I can wire to be used as I want (?) Such as on all the time.
Just emailed the Philips rep. He says it is illegal to run the Philips DRLs at night. That's too bad!
I have bought dozens and dozens of SMD LEDs off ebay really cheap and not one has failed me. About one pair was not consistent in color or brightness but thats ok cause theyre so inexpensive. Edit: never tried DRL LED lights.but have been very curious.i can only speak for wedge and festoon bulb types.
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Well, I will let you know! I actually just bought low/mid-priced LEDs off of ebay. They should be 900 lumen (same as Philips) but were $30. I expect them to work fine but the Philips I'm sure are more durable. Should be here in about a week. Wiring is hopefully as easy as it sounds (haven't decided if I want them on all the time, or just when the parking lights are on).
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