Charity Work

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Sep 26, 2003
Pittsburgh, PA
I read in the paper that a church in nearby Oakdale, PA does oil changes for low-income people twice a year. Guys from the church bring their own ramps and tools and dispose of the old oil. The car owners, mostly low income single moms, bring the oil and filter. Their car is usually their most valuable asset yet is often poorly maintained because of lack of funds or knowledge, said a church member in the paper. They will also check the other fluids and the tires. They post announcements at local welfare offices and other social agencies. I thought I'd bring this up with the holidays approaching and if anybody doesn't get to change oil enough on their own cars
, maybe organize something similar where you live.
Merry Christmas y'all, I've learned a lot since I've been here. Hope I've been able to contribute in some way also.
Good post, bro.

I ain't braggin' but there are a few folks driving around with Amsoil in their cars, who normally couldn't afford to buy one or two qts...I tell them, just watch the level and top up with whatever or better yet stop by....but not to worry about the oil changes for at least six months....may not be the best practice for us gearoilheads, but it works and one less stress for these people (usually family/mom)

We gotta give what we know to give.
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