Changing to Synthetic with 70K

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Feb 8, 2003
New Hampshire
I bought a 98 Dakota 5.2 with 66K on it and want to start running synthetic oil it. I dont see any oil leaks at this point and dont want any new ones. As soon as I bought the truck I changed the oil which still had between 2k and 2.5k on it according to the little windshield sticker, but had probably been in there for 6 months or longer. (The previous owners husband died and she wasnt driving it) I changed the oil again 2K mile later with Mobil dino 5-30 and am running it 2K miles which brings me up to 70K miles. The oil, with exception of the oil that was in it when I bought it, doesnt look that dirty. I am thinking 5K intervals with either Mobil 1 10-30 or maybe if I can find the new Mobil 1 5-40. Filters as always will be Napa Gold.

Does anyone see any problems with this senario?
Excellent choice.

More power and engine life to you

Only thing I have noticed is that the 1st switch to Mobil 1 tends to get jet black and gritty real fast. It tends to clean up the soot and stuff fast.

Depending on the oil appearence consider 1st oil change M1 interval to be 3k.

Just my conservative opinion.
Your choice is fine, after your first change, you could go as high as 7,500 miles between changes if drive mostly highway, or you don't tow, drive many cold, short trips, extensive idling, etc...

You will have no problem changing to synthetic oil at your mileage. My brother bought a used 1989 Corvette with 115,000 miles and had no problem with going from Castrol GTX to Mobil 1.
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