changing from penzoil to synthetic

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Sep 28, 2002
i got a JDM imported motor for my civic. ive changed the oil 3 times on it so far, using penzoil 10/30 on it. i was planning on changing to an oversize mobilo1 filter and redline 10/30, and then going straight to a drag race track where i will probably run it down the strip 6 times or more. should i wait until after the drag races to change to synthetic, or wait until after the races to do so? i was told by someone that racing on a motor that was recently changed to synthetic from regular oil is very bad for it. what do u guys think?
Whoever told you that info doesn't know very much. You can safely switch to synthetic with no ill effects here.
You are going to have some residual Pennzoil that will need to come out at sometime before a full interval of the new Redline for best results. My opinion is to put the Redline in and run it at the track but change it say a week or so after and get all Redline in the motor
I think you're wise to go to Redline before the race; their synthetics were formulated for racing enthusiasts. I don't think a few ounces of Pennzoil in the engine is going to harm your ET's.
"synth's are formulated for racing" well, interesting enough I just left a guy who bought some of our 20w50 race blend. He had just replaced his heads and it turned out they had 4 bent valves. His comments were as follows... first thing he noticed was oil pressure dropped from 60 to 40psi..(he was running straight 50 prior to this) engine temp dropped from 180 to 150deg's. He had to block his radiator with cardboard to get a higher temp. (this is down here in florida) He turned out 5th out of 21. But that was with the 4 bent valves and turns out he had 1 bent push rod. He stated (and I really don't understand all of this so I might say it incorrectly) that he had 200ft lbs? of spring pressure on his valves or seats? anyway from the way he talked he expected the cam to be wiped out. He pulled the head off, pulled the lifters and saw no damange at all on either the lifters nor the cam. He runs achahol fuel and even with an intake valve stuck open, and finishing the race, he stated that the oil was still as green as when he put it in and is going to continue to run it again tonight and expects to run it atleast another time for a total of 3 nights. He also stated he is not going back with the other oil as he knows for a fact that had it been in there the cam would have been wiped out. This guy is a master ase mechanic at toyota as well as the other guy I usuall talk with and has a lot of background and experience in building race engines. Anyway, thought I'd share that with you.
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