Changing cabin filter on an 02' Buick Century

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Apr 19, 2004
New York
I realized I have never changed the cabin filter on my 02 Century so I picked one up. My Haynes manual doesn't show where it is let alone how to change it. Does anybody know how I can access this filter to change it? Thanks
Call a dealer. The parts or service dept will tell you on the phone.
Often they are under the back panel of the glove compartment.
Now I need to do the same thing. I'm sitting on a new CAF too and haven't looked for how it goes in.
Kind of a pain to get to and insert but certainly a home project. Dealer costs a small fortune for the labor plus 100% mark up on the fitler.

Why do cabin air filters seem to cost 100% more then engine air filters?? Especially Toyotas and Nissans
I changed it out this morning in approx. 15 minutes after reading the instructions online. It was a lot easier than changing one on my wifes Accord. The Accord involved disassembly of the glove compartment and took over an hour.
This is one case where GM is better designed.
Was it caked with dirt? I heard cabin filters (seem to) get dirty faster that engine filters.
Sxg6: That's the link that came up when I googled and it was very helpful.

River Rat: It was full of dirt but considering it had 107K I thought it would be worse. I have a lot of pine trees near my home so there was a lot of pine needles restricting air flow. If it wasn't for the needles it probably would have still worked. My wifes Accord seemed worse when I changed it for the first time at 70K. From my experience these filters don't need to be changed as often as recommended. Every 50 or 60K should be fine IMO.
I've changed the filter on my EOS and the instructions on that website are so wrong it's funny. I don't think they've ever seen an EOS.
I must live in a filthy climate, after one year mine are absolutely filthy whereas in the same time period the engine air filter is relatively clean. So, once a year for the cabin in my case. I think it may also depend on how the air is drawn in so design of the cabin air flow may be a factor.
I haven't looked at mine yet. It's been in a couple years of dusty midwest conditions though.
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