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Sep 13, 2003
Im currently using GC in my truck, would it hurt to switch to NEO 10W30 in the summer and then switch back to GC in the winter? Since GC appears to have mainly esters, I was thinking of trying NEO's 10W30 which is diester just to keep the oil in the same category. I have enough GC in my garage for 3 more changes, but wanted to switch in the summer because it gets so hot here (NC) and there is no GC 10w30. I plan on getting a quart of NEO to send in a VOA to see what you all think of it since no one has done that with that brand yet. It seems that people switch oils all the time on here, I was just wondering if in the long run there would be any problems.
It depends on your intervals. If you're going to try and run 10 or 15k intervals on each oil, and switch back and forth, you might find that the TBN drops faster due to the differing additive packs. But if you're going to be running intervals of lower than 10k on each oil, you could safely switch back and forth to your heart's content.
No need to change out 0W-30 GC in the summer IMO. I ran GC this summer in my 97AWD 4.0 Aerostar with over 199,000 miles. Ran like a champ. Smooth, quiet, cool, great gas mileage. Made a bonzai trip taking my son to university in Washington, traveling over 3,000 miles in 3 plus days van was fully loaded. 100 degree temps in the desert. Also much stop and go driving the rest of the time. BTW, I live in So Cal, so it is hot in the summer. Changed out at nearly 6,000 miles. Magnetic drain plug was spotless (whatever that may mean) LOL Highly recommended for summer use. [ October 08, 2003, 11:22 AM: Message edited by: tenderloin ]
I believe a lot of folks will be interested in your NEO analysis. NEO apparently has quite a fan base in racing circles, but opinions on street applications are nil. Because they are local for me, I acquired enough of their 10/30 for my last oil change. My engine is running fine and in 1300 miles has not used a drop. 2002 Toyota Tundra 3.4 V6, 26,500 miles....
This is from the NEO site: Viscosity Index 185 Viscosity: Cold Cranking @ - 20°C 3150 cP Kinematic @ 100° C 11.75 cSt Viscosity Increase (375% allowed) 6% Total Base Number (TBN)- 8.03 Sulfated Ash 1.03 Flash Point 470°F Pour Point - 49°F As soon as I get the test kit from Blackstone and a quart delivered I will send it off for the VOA and see if the numbers match.
I dont know what the shelf life of oil is, AND not knowing how long GC will be available-this was my conservation plan! Plus Ive been wanting to try NEO, the only thing stopping me has been the price. [Big Grin]
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