Changed to ST Syn Blend in my Olds van today

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Nov 15, 2002
Well, I changed the oil in my Olds van today and decided to try the SuperTech synthetic blend rather than the Pennzoil High Mileage. Why? After doing some research, this oil by Warren looks to be a top notch blend that has the "high mileage" ester additives. This oil is not just rated SL and GF-3, but carries the CF rating, too. There is only one other GF-3 rated oil that I know of that also has the CF diesel rating, and that's Mobil 1. All things being equal, a CF rated oil is going to have a more robust detergent package than an oil that is just rated SL. The ST synthetic blend smells identical to Rotella T Synthetic. It is very light in color, almost the color of cooking oil. And unlike every other oil I've ever used (including Mobil 1), there was absolutely NO sediment in the bottom of the bottle. Just compare the two photos below of the bottom of a Pennzoil bottle and the bottom of the SuperTech bottle.  -
G-Man, Mobil Drive Clean Blend 5W-30 for New Vehicles and 5W-30 & 10W-30 high mileage all are rated SL, GF-3 and CF. Also the same for Valvoline Durablend and Quaker State Blend.
Originally posted by Patman: How many miles are you going to run it before you do your first UOA?
3000 miles, which means sometime next fall.
Originally posted by Schmoe: I for one have never seen "sediments" in the bottom of any of my M1 jugs.
I've seen sediment (additive fallout) in EVERY bottle of oil I've ever looked in. In fact, this SuperTech is the first oil bottle I've ever looked in and NOT seen sediment in the bottom. Whoops...I take that back. I've purposely looked at the bottom of the CLEAR QuakerState bottles in Wal-Mart and I've never seen any sediment in the bottom of those. It would be pretty dumb to patent a clear oil bottle and then put an oil in it which produces sediment for everyone to see.
Castrol Syntec is rated CF. CF is good but, you can get a CF and still not have b3 or b5 rating. Syntec 10W-30 e.g. meets CF, but is B1 not B5 like Mobil 1. This indicates somewhat more robust detergency for extending drains to me.
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