Changed the oil in my moms Terrain today. Happy with results.

Apr 13, 2013
I try to change the oil in my mothers 2017 GMC Terrain every 3000-4000 miles due to the history of GM's 2.4. This past oil change was with Castrol Edge 5w30 and it went 4000 miles. I went with Valvoline full synthetic this time as it was the flavor on sale at WM for $21. Initial impressions are good. The engine runs quieter than it did post oil change, which may be due to the different add pack or simply due to fresh oil.

The car now has 81K miles on it and runs very well. It doesn't use any noticeable oil in between changes which is a good sign considering earlier years had some serious issues.

Finished up with a wash and wax. Mom is happy.

I'll try to include a video of the engine at idle after the oil changes. Definitely quieter than other 2.4's I've heard.



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While I agree with you, couldnt' that be said about almost any engine?

Some have faults that even when cared for fail. Others are good if maintained, some will keep going and going even with as much neglect and abuse you can throw at it.