Changed Audi 1.8T to GC 0W30 yesterday...

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Aug 6, 2003
Barrie, Ontario
And no, it doesn't feel any more or less smooth (it was always smooth), and fuel economy is about the same or possibly marginally better than the QS synthetic. Even though the German Castrol is not rated as an energy conserving oil, I can't see a difference. Actually it should help alot in the winter.
This is the factory fill oil my car was built with, and in Europe they are running 30,000KM oil change intervals! Soon I will run the 15,000KM interval spec'd for North America.
Great website everyone!
Will you be doing a UOA of this oil at the end of its interval? I'd be interested to see how it performs in the 1.8T engine. I still haven't decided whether to stick with M1 0w-40 or switch to this Castrol SLX.

Originally posted by Binmonkey:
I might possibly do a UOA. Never done one before, would have to find a local lab to do it.

There is a lab here in Mississauga you could use. I sent you a PM with their info.

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