Change/Sample or let it ride?

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Aug 7, 2004
I have always run synthetics (since 23k) on my jeep 2.5L 4banger and completed a auto rx clean and rinse in December 2004. I switched in 4 quarts of GC with 6 oz of Lube control and a Napa Gold Filter(my last stock sized one). I have added 2 Oz's of LC every 1k and am planning on running 6 month OCI's. I was going to do an April-OCT OCI and was going to change it out to start my routine.

However I feel that 5-6k is a waste of decent oil. On the otherhand I would like to see how the oil has held up in my 5k oci. Should I change it out and just get into my 6 month OCI or should I wait and maybe go 7500 or even 10k?

I know I can sample without changing all of my oil but that would mean cracking open a new bottle and oil putting in 1/4 bottle. I just don't want to deal with partial bottles.
But Stinky, he'll then have to deal with partial bottles.

Originally posted by Stinky Peterson:
Take a sample now and use the results to decide whether or not to change it. If all is OK then sample again at 7500 or whatever interval you feel comfortable with.

I agree. Every engine is going to have "some" minimal though it may be, consumption, so it's hard to get away from having a partial bottle around.

It's very convenient to have a vampire pump also.

A sample at 5K would tell you a lot.
Thanks for the help guys. I am stil not sure what I am going to do. I might change it out April 1st and send in for a dyson analysis or I might let it go another month and change it out may 1st.

My thinking is that if conventional oil can go 4-5k I want to see what GC is like at 7-10k. I have a 70 mile round trip commute to work that is 50/50 highway and stop and go driving so I don't think I have been very hard on the oil. I also think the addition of Lube control should be helping me out too.

After typing this, I think I will just leave it in another month and try to get another 1200-1500 miles on it.
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