Change Oil?

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Dec 20, 2002
Girard, Ill
Putting my vette to bed for the winter in about a month with 2000 miles on an Amsoil oil change. With this amount of miles should I change oil now or wait until spring after I put more miles on iy?
I'd wait until spring. Both Amsoil/Mobil 1 have rust/corosion inhibitors and it should be fine. You could run some LC in it before you do that. My friend is storing his vette and he has Amsoil 0w-30, the over rated stuff
, and hasn't changed it. A friend at work mixed in some Delvac 1 with the Mobil 1 hoping to keep the engine cleaner from corrosion. D1 aparently does a good job, as any high quality diesel oil should.
Lend the Vette to me for a month and I'll put another 3k on it and then you can change the oil!

I'd probably drain it out, but save the oil and put it in a second vehicle. The oil is probably still in good shape, but for winter storage it's always good to have new oil in it.
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